2008 competition

Download ART Testbed v2.0.0

The Agent Reputation and Trust (ART) Testbed initiative has been launched with the goal of establishing a testbed for agent reputation- and trust-related technologies. The ART Testbed is designed to serve in two roles:

  • as a competition forum in which researchers can compare their technologies against objective metrics, and
  • as an experimental tool, with flexible parameters, allowing researchers to perform customizable, easily-repeatable experiments.

As a versatile, universal experimentation site, the ART Testbed scopes relevant trust research problems and unites researchers toward solutions via unified experimentation methods. Through objective, well-defined metrics, the testbed provides researchers with tools for comparing and validating their approaches. The testbed also serves as an objective means of presenting technology features, both advantages and disadvantages, to the community. In addition, the ART Testbed places trust research in the public spotlight, improving confidence in the technology and highlighting relevant applications.


Last updated: 28/02/2008


2008/05/26: Results for the 2008 Competition are here.

2008/02/25: 2008 Competition Registration here.

2007/05/21: Results for the 2007 Competition are here.

2007/05/21: Download participating agents from the 2007 Competition here.

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2007/03/05: Download version 1.0.0 here.