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eRep was an FP6 european project aimed at providing theory-driven and empirically backed-up guidelines for designing reputation technologies.

An inter- and multi-disciplinary consortium provided the project with an innovative approach to be used for:

  1. theory-building, namely formulating hypotheses concerning the generation, spreading and impact of reputation under given social and technological conditions;
  2. testing these hypotheses on the grounds of cross-methodological experiments;
  3. transferring knowledge thanks to both a computational proof-of-concept system and the guidelines specified in the final White Book.

Immediate impact of the project is to contribute to the governance of electronic institutions (e.g. auction sites, discussion forums, recommendation sites, social networks, etc.). Future scientific added value of the project is expected to consist in advances of reputation theory and technology for multi agent systems. 

THE PROJECT ENDED on March 31, 2009.

 eRep BookleteRep Booklet

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